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We want your help

In an effort to improve and maintain community infrastructure, we ask our residents to inform us of issues observed within the District.

Elm Ridge’s primary function is to provide the construction of water, sanitary sewer, and stormwater drainage infrastructure as well as road improvements within its boundaries.

Elm Ridge WCID

  • Start / Stop water service
  • Pay my water bill
  • Sewage & drainage
  • Trash & recycling
  • Water leaks
  • Common area landscaping
  • Elm Ridge Police Department


  • Annual assessment fees
  • Pool schedule & activities
  • Deed restrictions & violations
  • Playgrounds
  • Club houses
  • HOA common area landscaping

What are we requesting?

We’re asking residents to report district-specific issues in the District. The faster an issue is reported, the faster it can be investigated and addressed.

Have you noticed an issue with the infrastructure in our community? Have you seen any structural issues, such as a street light out, drainage issues on the sidewalks or roads? If it was a yes to any of those questions then please create a ticket through SmarterTrack by clicking the button below. 

Make sure to submit the ticket to the Resident Support department.

If you are reporting more than one type of problem, please submit a separate form for each.

Submit a report ticket