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**Water Service Emergency Update!**

August 31, 2023

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Elm Ridge WCID


08/31/2023 11:52 AM

Elm Ridge Residents, We have now regained pressure, volume and capacity. You may now resume normal water use and consumption.

We also received the following information on what happened this morning. First and foremost, it was a separate issue from what happened previously. Mustang SUD serves both ArrowBrooke and Savannah directly as their retail water provider and operator. Mustang currently pushes water from UTRWD to the Artesia elevated storage tank. Mustang SUD reported a power loss at their main control valve, which limited operation to just one other pump. This led to a drop in the water level at the Mustang SUD water tower, which resulted in low pressure to Savannah and ArrowBrooke and reduced flows to the Artesia system.

These recent issues are with other systems, lines and pumps and not related to any Elm Ridge owned or operated systems or infrastructure.

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