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UTRWD Removes Water Restrictions!

November 10, 2023


Upper Trinity Regional Water District has removed the Stage 1 water restrictions, effective immediately. The recent rainfall and cooler temperatures have helped replenish lake levels and reduce the overall demand for water.

UTRWD and Elm Ridge WCID encourage residents to continue to conserve water through the winter months.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

1. Turn off your sprinkler system during the winter. Trees and grass go dormant in the cooler weather and do not need much water.

2. Only water as needed, but no more than twice per week. Check out for recommended watering schedules.

3. Winterize your sprinkler system and outdoor spigots to prevent freezing pipes and water leaks. Here is a handy video to help with the process.

Thank you for your cooperation during the drought conditions.