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Emergency Water Notice! - **UPDATED**

August 17, 2023

Water Service Notice


We have been told by our water operators that the Artesia tanks are filling, and the system is back under pressure. We are still waiting on official word as to the cause of the pressure loss this morning. District offices in Savannah have normal pressure and flow. Thank you for your patience.

UPDATE – 8:45 AM

We have just learned that all 3 Elm Ridge Neighborhoods are impacted by the low/no pressure issues. We are hoping that UTRWD is able to rectify this as soon as possible.

August 17, 8:15 AM


The Artesia water system is experiencing water flow issues from our supplier, Upper Trinity Regional Water District. This has caused significant decreases in water pressure. Crews are on site and collaborating with UTRWD.

Please DO NOT use outdoor irrigation until further notice. Please also conserve water as much as possible to keep pressures up. If pressure drops further, we may be forced to issue a boil water notice.

Thank you for your cooperation.